Somatic Coaching

Why Somatic Coaching?

Living without awareness of your body is like living with your arms and legs tied behind your back.  Your mental model gets in the way of living.  You are not a machine, a computer, a car, an engine or an instrument. 

Do you move to perform? 3 sets, 30 reps, to make your body a high performance machine? If this is you, go see your friendly personal trainer.

Our body changes moment by moment, depending on how we sleep, eat, move and on our emotional and mental experience. How we move is shaped by how we have used ourselves, our history of play, of work, of injuries, of illnesses, of how we were conditioned by parents, by culture.

We care about how we perform – in relationships, at work, in sports. How do we get good? Performance happens when we develop our ability to listen, to move in a way that informs. When we have learned to learn from our movement, then the way to better performance opens up. If better performance through better informed movement speaks to you, I am your practitioner.

Is Somatic Coaching for Me?

I work with people who Want to

  1. Recover from trauma
  2. Improve their balance
  3. Move on from illness or injury
Somatic Coaching


  • What would it mean to you to feel confident in each step?
  • How much would your life change is you were comfortable in being you?
  • What would your life be like if you could care for yourself stepping into your next challenge?
  • What is the world missing out on when you live from a self-limited comfort zone?