I help you move more today without regretting it tomorrow



The freedom to enjoy moving until you want to stop, rather than your pain telling you to quit now.  To relish your weekend adventure without regretting what you did on Monday or choosing the couch on Sunday so you have the energy to get through your week.

All you need is the Move More without Regrets program – just an hour a week of gentle movement so you can learn to move with strength and stamina without fear of straining or injuring yourself.  Learn to reverse the widening gap between your willing spirit and your aging body. 

Introducing Move More without Regrets


This program is for you if you feel young and adventurous on the inside but feel small signs of aging showing up on the outside – the joint pain that never quite goes away, longer recovery time from having fun the way you used to or choosing to just stay in, again, so the memory of your last adventure gets a little further away in your rear-view mirror. 

My clients that are most successful tend to be:

  • Naturally curious and act on their curiosity.
  • Commit to weekly sessions to build their movement intelligence
  • Willing to experiment with what they learn in their life.  Movement isn’t just for exercise class; every movement is an opportunity to learn.
  • Empowered to ask for what they want next.

You will not be successful with me if you want: ​

  • Me to fix you in one session.
  • To be transformed by dropping in every 3 months.
  • Me to just understand your unexpressed desires.

What happens when you work with me?


Improved balance – “Fall mitigation has been my goal for the last 2 years but I still have issues with balance. We addressed more in these few weeks working with Cheryl than I have working the last couple of years with trainers and the walking process. You have to have balance when you are moving. It is ok to work on balance when you are standing but that is not when you fall.”  Marlene

Awareness of movement – “I fell a few times catastrophically after having chemo. Working on my journey to regain the muscle mass and a lot of strength I lost at that time. What I was surprised with – the outcome was different than the goal. My goal was to be better balanced. I met my goal but that became almost secondary. I needed to be more aware of how I was moving.  This has become for me, some me-time, an hour just to focus on learning to slow down and move properly.” Dawn

No longer feeling powerless – “I am working through a medical diagnosis for a chronic condition. I feel uplifted and hopeful after working with Cheryl. She has this way of offering possible paths of relief while accepting my physical reality.  Using a wine metaphor, I’d describe Cheryl as hopeful with an aftertaste of pragmatism. She respects my need to be in charge of my life and my abilities to handle the situation. Together we explore what might be possible.  This is really helpful to me – it is easy to feel powerless, to believe my condition will only get worse. I may have what I have, but I feel like it doesn’t get to have me. Sharon

Interested In Learning More?

When did that happen? When did I start letting my pain decide whether to head out on today’s adventure? 

Hi, I’m Cheryl Whitelaw.  My honest answer is – I don’t know when it first happened to me. I have been active for years, working out, gardening, paddling. And working long hours at a job I was passionate about.  And then one day, I couldn’t really turn to the right. I was barely 40 with a low back that moved like a hard plastic corset. When I started coaching over 10 years ago, I knew in my bones that I needed to get moving and help my clients move more so they could keep doing all of the things they yearned to do.   It’s in our choices.  Choosing not to move because you are in pain. Or choosing to push yourself no matter how much it hurts until you injure yourself. Often choosing to leave your inner adventurous self on the shelf. 

I offer my clients another choice – to learn how to move so they can move more without regrets. 


Sign up for a free 15-minute call to talk about what you are looking for.  No sales pressure, just a caring conversation about what you want and what I can offer. 

If you are ready to start, we begin with a 45-minute assessment (in person or online). Then based on what we discover together, I make a recommendation for what can support you. 




Sign up –  I’ll let you know about upcoming programs and classes.  I may also ask you what you want as I make new plans.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

When you sign up for a session, a class, a workshop or a retreat, we think of it as being like buying a ticket to a concert or an event. You reserve a spot which is then unavailable to others. As such, all of your retreat, workshop, and course payments are non-refundable. This is the kind of warm-hearted tough-love policy that invites you to have a wholehearted YES about the commitments you make and to respect our time, your time, and that of other people who wish to work with us. We invite you to be clear, to sign up for experiences you really want to be present for, and then to show up! We love it when you show up. Magic happens. We also know from experience how easy it is to decide, “Nahhh, I don’t really feel like it now.” Or to mismanage your schedule. Or decide you don’t feel like driving.  Or sign up for an online class and then forget about it. Or decide that you’re too busy these days and you’d rather skip it. As with a concert or event, if that’s what you decide, no problem. It’s your choice. You miss out on the experience. You also don’t get a refund or a credit. The same is true for our offerings. This policy also holds true for all of our offerings, including online. Please make sure to be clear about what you’re signing up for! We’re sorry we cannot make exceptions to this policy.  To saying Yes! to practices that support your wellness and wholeness!