Integral Coaching in the World

For me, becoming an Integral Master Coach™ was both an act of profound personal development and a step into a life of service.

I have been blessed with the privilege to serve some incredible initiatives in my own backyard and half way across the world. [Project Somos] in some exceptional company].

I want to share with you how Integral Coaches™ are being a force for positive change in the world. A deep bow to all of my colleagues and their coaching work in the world. (Integral Coaching Canada I want to focus on a few initiatives that have gone above and beyond in creating ripples to build capacity and dignity for their chosen audience.



57 Coaches

57 Coaches emerged as a coalition of Integral Master Coaches™ from 14 countries across four continents. Through this initiative we offered free coaching to 100 leaders in an NGO supporting refugees around the world.

Leading Beyond Your Edge Program

Beyond Your Edge is a personal development program to develop people as leaders who wants to make a huge contribution to their organization and community. Using a holistic approach to stimulate growth, the program works with what you have, building on this foundation to accelerate your impact as a leader. The program focused on building bold, empathetic leadership, pushing your boundaries as a leader, inspiring the people around you and growing your organization.
Located in Kenya, East Africa, Leading Beyond Your Edge works with leaders from NGOs, business, to transform themselves, their leadership capacity and their organizations. The program offers a high support, high challenge, and high impact leadership development experience. Supported by a staff of Africa based, certified Integral Master Coaches™, participants engage in group learning and individual coaching programs.
Christine Guchu-Katee, Program Director

Integral Recovery Toronto

Integral Recovery Toronto is a new, 8-week coaching group for people in recovery from alcoholism + addictions, facilitated by Melissa Armstrong, Integral Master Coach™.

This group format uses Integral Theory to help people in recovery to build new skills and capabilities in: their inner world, their relationships, their behaviour, their mind/body connection, and meditation.

At the end of the 8-week session, participants will have deepened self-awareness, gained peer support, learned about the most
comprehensive recovery map from addiction that’s available – the Integral map – and how it can be applied to recovery, and will have attained a self-assessment of the next steps for development in recovery.

With the right map and the right tools, the massive challenge of becomes an unparalleled opportunity to become the best person that you can be – to tap your strength and take life to the next level.

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