Do I Belong?

Inclusion Development

Inclusion is a verb not a noun. Do I belong? How do I welcome? Looking at my organization for systematic discrimination is difficult; often leaders want only the good news! Looking at the verbs in your organization, processes, interactions is where rubber hits the road.

How Can Inclusion Development Support You?​​

  1. Develop capacity to explore and share perspectives even when you don’t agree. Stay in the conversation to find points of agreement, shared purposes and a way to move forward.
  2.  Frustrated when people don’t act the way you expect them to?  Inclusion Development gives you a lens to understand and choose your response. Learn an empathy for experience formula to understand what feeds your expectations so you can connect to people acting in unexpected ways.
  3. Develop a calm core to enter conflict arising from differences.
  4. Monitor inclusion development as a way to improve your bottom line.