Join me for Awareness through Movement classes

Meaningful Change

This is likely not your first movement class. You are looking for a change. On the surface, maybe you had an injury so want to get back to normal. Or something has happened in your life that changed you. Getting back to normal is no longer so clear a path. You used to be able to count on having a body that was responsive to your intention. Go for a run, push your limits at yoga, garden all weekend, no problem!

To quote Bruce Cockburn, “The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.” Living at mid-life is when your normal starts to shift. When the shift is unconscious, we can try to keep going the way we have been going – this is how injuries happen. We ask our bodies to perform and the answer is an injury. We set an intention to run the way we used to on the soccer field and our body is not responsive to our intention.

Resisting the aging process is a sure-fire way to feel old before you are old.

Do you know what you need now to nurture your vitality, so you can bounce back? How have you up-levelled your self-care for this stage of life? So, you can keep moving and keep being moved by what life brings.

Moving at this Stage of Life is not about slowing down, staying safe and moving less.

I believe we make an unconscious agreement with aging.  The agreement goes something like this.

I know I won’t get out of this life alive.  Living with that agreement, I lose touch with myself now. I keep alive the idea of who I was when I was younger.  The me who could play soccer all Saturday and put in a full family day on Sunday before heading back to work.  Maybe I don’t want to accept the parts of me that don’t work so well, the pain in my wrist or hip. An old injury or life event that shows up more often now.   I accept, even if I fight against it, my inevitable decline.  So, I keep playing soccer, coping with pain, until something happens, an injury I can’t shake off.  And then it is over. That part of my life is done.

There is More

I believe movement through life, at this middle stage of life, offers the possibility for more.  More wholeness, more integration of your parts into a self you can embrace.  In this stage of life, movement can be the nurturing of wellness that connects your body, mind, heart, spirit and community.  I can guide you towards wellness, not wearing out.  Towards wholeness and peace, not living in pieces.

You can participate in classes whatever your current condition. 

You can access live, ongoing classes with a friendly community of people.  Try the drop-in option to see if it is a fit for where you are now or register for the whole series.

Moving the way you did when you were younger sets you up for more injuries, making moving more difficult as you age.  Without learning how to care for yourself through movement, you risk suffering the impact of resisting your aging process as you age. 

Without awareness of your movement, your choices to move shrink as you age.  It is never too late to start; the choices you make today shape the quality of your movement for your future.   Make sure you grow when you grow older.

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If you move with pain, try my free resource, How Can I Move When It Hurts? to learn how your own movement can inform you to reduce pain when you move.