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Is this how you imagined aging would be?

Accepting that you can do less because doing more doesn’t feel good?  What does staying active look like when you don’t want to slow down but you can’t keep moving the way you used to?

Does any of this sound familiar?


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What Past Clients Have Said About Working With Cheryl:

“I met my goal but that became almost secondary.  I needed to be more aware of how I was moving. This has become for me, some me-time, an hour just to focus on learning to slow down and move properly. I didn’t realize how important the me-time was until I started investing in myself.”


“We have addressed more in these few weeks in class, than I have working the last couple of years with trainers and the walking process.”


“I am working through a medical diagnosis for a chronic condition. Together we explore what might be possible. It is easy to feel powerless, to believe my condition may only get worse. I may have what I have, but I feel like it doesn’t get to have me.”


Introducing Vitamin MM: Mindful Movement, Your Go-To Wellness Supplement

What You Can Expect

After 1-2 months, you will be able to see and shift your movement strategies. When you recognize how your old movement habits lead you to strain and pain you can make choices to create freer, more pain-free movement. When you find yourself feeling discomfort and pain in daily activities or while playing sports, you will have ways to support yourself to move differently, and feel better as you move. 

After 6 months, you will develop a habit of listening to your body so you can learn from your movement. Mindful movement is not a one and done deal, it is more like brushing your teeth—treating your daily movement like a hygiene routine that is part of your overall wellness.  Practicing weekly, you can bring what you learn into your day in front of the computer or your afternoon in the garden or your weekend on the hiking trail. When you listen to your body, you can make choices that keep you moving with less need for recovery.  

After 1-2 years, you will be able to tap into your body’s intelligence so you can see how your sense of self—the version of you formed from all of your experiences, your relationships, your social and cultural environments—is creating your posture and your movement. When you tap into your body’s intelligence, you can take action, and change the root behaviors that are causing you pain.

Because the real secret is, it is not just about how you move.

It is also about how your sense of yourself (your emotions, your thoughts, your stories about who you are, how you are conditioned from growing up in your family, culture, and social environments), has shaped your posture and your movement habits so you could function in your world.  

As we move through life, the ways we first learned to navigate our world can become outdated. We grow in who we are, the nature of our relationships change, we live in different environments than the ones we grew up in. And how we standand move and who we decide we are may stop working for us. Or create painful limits in how we live and move. 

Most of us preserve some of these outdated movement habits and postures. What in the beginning was a choice that helped us cope, becomes the way we are. We move by default. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over time you can use your mindful movement practice to become conscious of who you are in action so you can make choices in how you show up and act in your life. 

Hi, I am Cheryl, a Move More with no Regrets Coach here to help you to discover ways you can enjoy more efficient, more joyful movement in your body and in your life.   

I am also…

I have pivoted my whole life to follow a life path that supports people to embody peace and power in their bodies and lives. In starting Peace and Power Movement Services, I am dedicated to bringing over 25 years of personal and professional training in service to help people re-connect their body-mind so they can lead authentic, powerful and connected lives.

I can meet you where you are (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) and support you to become more fully yourself so you can find joy in movement, peace in your heart and power in your action. I work in person with people in the Edmonton area and online with people around the world.

I know that starting something new can feel particularly challenging, especially when you have a personal history with discomfort or pain in movement. That’s why I want to share some of the ways I can support you in your goals to move more.

I am not trying to fix you in my class; I am supporting you to move freely and effectively in the ways that are possible for you.

In my class, we don’t confirm diagnosis or reinforce the limitations that are placed upon you. Instead, we discover what is possible for you, together, in a supportive learning environment. We tap into the same highly adaptable brain-body-nervous system that you used when you first learned to crawl, walk and talk, so you can find ways to move that support you. 

Every step we take we are seeking security and support so we don’t fall; we are seeking connection so we feel we belong and we are seeking acceptance so we feel that we matter within our family, team, organization or community. These basic drives play out every day in how we show up and move through our environment. And over time, these hidden habits can lead to wear and tear.  

This is how you can successfully complete a recovery program after a knee or hip injury and find in a year that you are back in the same place.  Strengthening your muscles is important and it continues the movement patterns that brought you to your injury in the first place. Your regular mindful movement practice can give you another outcome, one where you are in the driver’s seat for your movement, for how you show up in your world to choose to move through your life in the way that you want. 

Let’s talk to discover if Vitamin MM is right for you.

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Consider Vitamin MM as your weekly movement supplement so you can shift towards wellness, not wearing out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I know the feeling. That’s why I provide 2 kinds of recordings; an audio recording that you can access at any time and follow along just like coming to the live class. I also provide a shorter, 5–10-minute video recording with the key elements from each lesson. Some of my clients use this as their morning movement routine when family or work gets in the way of coming to the live class. Some of my clients use this as a quick refresher before attending the live class. And others will return back to specific series that feel important to them like the Shoulder On series that I ran focused on more effective ways to use your shoulders and the postural and movement habits we can take on when we shoulder the burdens of the world.

I fully support working with a full health and wellness team, including your doctor and other health professionals like physiotherapists, acupuncturists, or massage therapists. Each can make an important contribution to your health and to your recovery from injuries or illnesses. But I also know that there is a place for you in the driver’s seat of your own health and wellness. 

My approach supports you to find options for functional movement regardless of past injuries or surgeries or health conditions.

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As someone who has participated in yoga and Pilates classes for over 10 years, one of the biggest differences in my mindful movement class is that I will not be asking you to repeat the same positions or movement sequences in each class.  

When I started yoga, I was not at all flexible.  And 3 years into a regular yoga practice, I was still not very flexible. In my mindful movement class, I use movement that is often unfamiliar. I ask you to explore and learn how you can move using different kinds of learning conditions and constraints to help you:

  • Identify hidden movement habits that get in the way of your flexibility, mobility, strength and balance.
  • Explore options and strategies in how you can find easier, lighter, more pleasant ways to move.
  • Make the changes in your brain and nervous system by providing guidance to help you explore how you think, feel, sense and move so you, as a whole person and brain/body system can choose movement that feels better and is more functional in the real world.