When caring hurts

I am a Care-keeper...

You might be a Care-keeper too.

I believe it is our connections with others that create meaning in our lives.  And in my life, caring for people has hurt, sometimes a lot.  As someone who cares, even in truly difficult situations, I choose to keep caring.

Now, I care for my mother who lives in a long-term care home.  She lives with the impacts of MS, dementia and failing eyesight.  Caring for her during a COVID era has been difficult.  I couldn’t see her in person for over 4 months, settling for quick phone calls and peering over her windowsill.  She managed once to reprogram her phone to block my calls – our only way to connect.  Caring through disconnection hurt.  It took 3 days and persistent requests to get permission to enter her room to reprogram her phone so I could talk with her again.

When Caring Hurts is my offer to support people who stay in and care.  My course is for people who:

  1. Find caring hurts
  2. Feel overwhelmed by the challenges you face caring for your loved one
  3. Feel emotionally fatigued; your peace of mind and ability to function are destabilized by the care you give.
  4. Want to connect with others who understand how caring can hurt.

How can you support yourself when caring hurts, when you keep caring for the people you love? During this course, you will learn ways to sustain yourself in your caring role so you can regain your peace of mind and heart, recover from emotional fatigue and support your ability to function as a care-giver. 

My course is a 4-week program that meets online for 60 minutes each Thursday, 7 pm (MST) starting November 26.  We will meet in a small group to learn and support each other.  You will also receive 1 coaching session with me (60 minutes) to customize your personal care-keeping plan.  Your coaching session must be booked by January 15, 2021.

The course is $197.

Each online session will be recorded, and you will be sent the link so you can watch it at any time.   You can email me each week between sessions with questions.  I will send you weekly tips to support you in your learning. You don’t need to take in the sessions in sequence to benefit from the course. 

Here’s how it will work: my When Caring Hurts course will run for 4 weeks, online to help you stay in your caring role with less heartache and healthier caring.  I’m accepting 10 people into the course.  The cost is $197 (CDN). 

The deadline to register is Friday November 20.  Would you like your caring to stop hurting?  Would you like one of the spots in this course?

If you sign up and find you are not getting benefit from my course, you can ask for your money back.  I want you to live a life as a healthy care-keeper. You might be in it for the long haul. You deserve more than a frazzled, emotionally and physically exhausted life.