Somatic Coaching

Why Somatic?

We often view our bodies as an object, something we know about, usually when it hurts. Somatic refers to our sense of our bodies, our awareness of and presence with our bodies. Somatic education focuses simultaneously on your body structure and the lived experience of being in your body.


Why Somatic Coaching?

At a basic level, somatic coaching supports you to learn how to move better, how to use your body more effectively, with less effort. With better movement, you can up your game (whatever game you play), you can self-monitor and self-correct your movement, reducing physical stresses and injuries. At a body/mind level, you can learn to free yourself from conditioned patterns of tension, ways of moving that limit your flexibility and strength. To be able to move more, you learn how to move with awareness and kindness. Somatic coaching works with your unique, conditioned patterns of movement, supporting you to learn how to recognize and replace conditioned movement patterns with freer, easier, more powerful movement. At an integrated body/mind level, your somatic presence frees you to be more adaptable, purposeful and powerful. Your body is a powerful, intelligence sensor to engage each moment, a core companion in your growth and development. You bring rich, embodied resources to meet the complex, challenging & changing conditions in your world. You prevail over and heal past traumas by bringing together more of your somatic resources in the present.

Is Somatic Coaching for Me?

Is your body complaining?

Do you feel you are suffering from the stresses of your life?

Do you feel pain and tension that doesn’t ever let go?

Have you come through a major life event and feel like you just can’t quite get back to normal, to feeling like yourself?

Do people in your life tell you that you are just not present, not with them?

Do you find you tend to zone out, go numb?

Are you finding you can’t do activities like you used to – you just don’t have the energy to enjoy them in the same way?


How would you like to show up, a vital, open presence when you walk in the room? What would your life be like to inhabit your body as your own calm centre, a portable sanctuary of peace and power?

What could you achieve when all of you is activated, integrated, flexing with each moment?

Are you ready? I want to meet that you!


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