Somatic Coaching OLD

Why Somatic?

We often view our bodies as an object, something we know about, usually when it hurts. Somatic refers to our sense of our bodies, our awareness of and presence with our bodies. Somatic education focuses simultaneously on your body structure and the lived experience of being in your body.

Why Somatic Coaching?

Moving better is managing performance.  How do you get better in the movement you do?

Do you move to perform?  3 sets, 30 reps, making your body a high-performance machine?  If this is you, go see your friendly  personal trainer to up your performance.

Our bodies are not machines.  Our body budget changes daily, depending on how we sleep, eat, on our emotional and mental states.  How we have used ourselves, our history of injuries, sports played, and our illnesses or conditions all shape how we function.

Performance happens when we develop our ability to listen, to move in a way that informs.  When we have learned to learn from our movement, then the way to better performance opens up.  If performance through better informed movement speaks to you, then I am your practitioner.

Is Somatic Coaching for Me?

Is your body complaining? Do you feel pain and tension that doesn’t ever let go?

Do you want to prepare for a bucket list trip?   I can support you to find effective and easeful movement so you suffer less after a day of hiking.

Is your sense of balance less steady?  I can help you find support on every surface you move on.

Do you want to prepare for your sport or hobby season?  Golf, skiing, gardening, whatever sport you do in season.  I can help you find your performance groove.


What would it mean for you to feel great during and after your game?

What would it mean for you to continue the activity you love, after injuries, a drop in stamina, new limits in how you can move, the way aging and habitual movement can sneak up on you?

Are you ready to try a new way to take care of yourself in movement?

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