Impact: My Clients

Working with Me

I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada so work with clients in this part of the world.  With the support of the web, I have coached clients across Canada and globally from over 10 different countries.

What kind of impact can I expect from working with Cheryl? Here is what landed for Cheryl’s clients:


Coaching clients:

Valerie, Yoga Teacher and Mom

Our work was vital to my healing, and being able to take the next step in my life. What I feel like has been a “stepping out” again – out of the cocoon and back into the world. I would like to be able to send an email saying I have it all figured out now, but then I know that I will never have it all figured out, and that’s delightfully okay!  The practices you designed for me, the caring with which you listened to me and the openness of your spirit…all incredible.


Elizabeth, President

Engaging in a coaching practice allowed me to make more confident decisions in both my personal and professional life. Coaching forced me to reflect and make choices based on what I value and what makes me happy, rather than just going through the motions and accepting all challenges, projects and requests made of me. 



I did not really know what I wanted to gain from the coaching experience initially. I knew I wanted to live my best life, and evaluate my priorities and put in place strategies to help me keep on track with the goals I would identify as important. I believe the biggest gain was being provided with a platform, sounding board and process to reflect on what I needed. Cheryl pointed the flashlight in every corner of the room of self-reflection. I saw the big picture and then compartmentalized things so I could purge what I did not need and nurture and cherish the things I valued. I have lightened my load considerably and now have more focus and energy to continue my journey to be the best me I can be.

Senior leader, public/non-profit sectors

At each coaching session, Cheryl provided exercises to make me more aware of my actions and responses.  Heightened awareness over the course of a week or two, helped me to see the impact of my thinking and my behavior on others and on my life.   With this new awareness, I am now in a better position to choose my approach and get the results I am seeking.   

Cheryl takes great care to develop metaphors for current and future state.  I reread this many times over the course of our time together.  This helped to keep me clear on desired outcomes and see the progress we had made along the way.  I explored coaching because I wondered if my life was way off track and if I was not being true to myself.  One of the unintended consequences of life coaching was that I grew to appreciate how many of the career decisions I had made were in integrity.   Rather than reinventing myself, I simply had to fine tune a few things.   Life coaching helped me to trust my ability to make good decisions.



Workshop clients:

Dan, Library Director/Director of Learning Enhancement Projects – Concordia University of Edmonton Library

Cheryl’s session provided us with a nuanced exploration of the ways in which group and individual differences are experienced and conceptualized. With illuminating theory, responsive demonstrations from her aikido training, and active group exercises, this session worked on many levels. I think it will make a real different to how we deliver inclusive service to our community.



Christina Misquitta, Union Representative, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Cheryl has many talents but her strength lie in that she truly cares about her clients and wants them to succeed.  She has the unique ability to create and navigate an environment with learners from different experiences and learning styles.   Not only does she create a safe learning environment, she takes you on a journey with stories and activities that gives you confidence that you can take what you learn with Cheryl and apply it to aspects of your life outside your time with her.

When working with Cheryl you feel that she wants those around her to succeed.  She takes time and very much considers how to best assist her clients to meet their needs rather than trying to fit what we may be looking for into a rigid set of “packaged” workshops.  We had approached Cheryl with a list of ideas and topics that we were looking to offer to best support our facilitators.  Cheryl took the time to understand our needs, to put our objectives together in a way that would flow, and more importantly be retained, for those in the session.  She also went above and beyond to understand our organization and tailor the session with relevant examples and scenarios for our facilitators.

What advice would I give others looking to work with Cheryl?  Know that she is really there to support you and your goals because it is important to her.  She is there to meet your objectives and not push her own onto you.  She creates a space for learning and allows one to take from her sessions what they feel is important.  Cheryl is not only knowledgeable and supportive, she is genuinely kind.  I look forward to working with Cheryl again in the future.



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