CASE Study: Increasing Influence as an Emerging Leader

Mr. Okot Agiro Gabriel
Programme Specialist/Professional Agriculturalist
Women Empowerment and Natural Resource Governance Programme
CARE International, Uganda.

Emerging leaders face the challenge of developing and refining their leadership skills before they are in formal leadership authority. In this coaching program, the emerging leader developed his perspective of how he influenced and motivated both people he worked with, the people in other areas in his organization and the external people he engaged with to advance new initiatives and achieve positive change related to his organization’s mission.


This emerging leader was challenged to develop new program initiatives across organizational, community and private/non-profit boundaries to address community and regional needs. He wanted to be perceived as an effective and motivational agent for positive change, a person of integrity who could build the trust and commitment needed to proceed with new program initiatives. He also wanted to focus on enhancing his communication skills to effectively activate change. He is passionate about climate change issues, and appreciates supporting vulnerable communities and groups.

My Approach

We initiated a coaching program with a two session intake and offer session to set the focus for the coaching program. We conducted 10 coaching sessions over a year timeframe. Coaching sessions were conducted online and scheduled around his field work commitments.


Prior to the completion of the program, he received 360 feedback from colleagues demonstrating value and leadership in core organizational values related to transformation, integrity, diversity, equality and excellence. He showed evidence of success in being influential as an emerging leader. He received approval for two proposed program concepts that he led the development for including one that was selected from a competition with over 1000 applicants globally. By the end of the year, he was more frequently invited to participate in strategic meetings with organizational leaders and external stakeholders. He succeeded in having an article published related to environmental sustainability. He also received communication from an organizational leader that identified him as a candidate for a leadership role coming available in the near future within the organization.


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