Coaching Programs for You

Choosing change through a coaching program can feel like a big step.  As your Integral Master Coach™, I bring a whole person, developmental approach that supports you to become the person who is the change you want to make.  Together we can move the needle on your specific topic and open up your personal capacity to engage your world.

How do we work together?

We explore, uncovering your topic, the focus for our work.  I prepare a customized coaching program, offering to you practices, insights and resources to take you to your goal.  With each conversation, we increase your self-knowledge and activate your capacity for the change you want to make.

What I Offer:

Coaching Conversations for Powerful Clarity

Get a taste of coaching to ground and center yourself in your life.  From one – 90 minute session you can expect to gain activating insights, practices and wayfinding tools to drive your mission forward.


Coaching Program: Move – Grow – Embody

Engage in your personal evolution.

From this 3 month program, you can expect to gain perspective, get moving on your goals, grow your capacities and begin to embody the change you want to make.

Coaching Program: Activate – Integrate – Flex

Engage in your personal revolution.

From this 10 month program, you can expect to deeply engage in developmental change, to energize and activate your unique self, integrate a new way of being and flex your transformed self.

Wow!  Look at you being a positive force in your world.


Your Coaching Program will include:

  1. I will create a custom designed program based around who you are and the results you most want.
  2. An in depth assessment of your current way of being with your topic, what your way of being allows for and ways it is holding you back.
  3. Developmental Objectives that focus in on specific competencies needed to achieve your topic and embody your new way of being.
  4. Custom designed practices to work with between our sessions, to build the muscles you need to fulfill your developmental objectives.
  5. Two 60-75 minute sessions per month.
  6. Accountability for change and support between sessions.


Your Coaching Program will take this shape:

Session 1: Intake – We explore your topic.

Session 2: Offer – I offer your coaching program & opening practices.

Session 3-7: Practice Cycles – We work through practices, building your clarity, capacity and power to be the change you want to make.  Note: Longer programs will include more practice cycles (10-12).

Session 8: Completion. We mark where you have come, what you now have and where you are headed. We celebrate your growth and the change you are now creating in your world.

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