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Join me for Vitamin MM - Mindful Movement


  • Knowing from your core how to use your awareness so you can move towards your goals. 
  • Knowing you have the inner technologies to move beyond what has stopped you in the past.


  1. Signing up for a hardcore motivational bootcamp,
  2. Stressing to fit in a trip to a studio and struggling not to fall asleep on the mat.

All you need is a weekly dose of Vitamin MM - Mindful Movement

How it works:

  1. Sign up.   Subscribe monthly.  Contact Cheryl for an annual subscription
  2. Log on.    For 2021 and 2022 Live online classes are Mondays 6:30pm and Wednesdays 6:30pm MST.
  3. Access.   Class recordings and curated content to support you to bring mindful movement into every day.   

Consider Vitamin MM as your weekly supplement so you can move towards wellness, not wearing out.  Take Vitamin MM every week to use yourself well so you can find joy as you move through your life. 

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Past Clients have said:

  • We have addressed more in these few weeks in class, than I have working the last couple of years with trainers and the walking process.” 
  • “What surprised me – the outcome was different than the goal.  I met my goal but that became almost secondary.  I needed to be more aware of how I was moving.  This has become for me, some me-time, an hour just to focus on learning to slow down and move properly.  I didn’t realize how important the me-time was until I started investing in myself.”

  • “I am working through a medical diagnosis for a chronic condition. I’d describe Cheryl as hopeful with an aftertaste of pragmatism.  She respects my need to be in charge of my life and my abilities to handle the situation. Together we explore what might be possible.  It is easy to feel powerless, to believe my condition may only get worse. I may have what I have, but I feel like it doesn’t get to have me.”

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If you move with pain, try my free resource, How Can I Move When It Hurts?

Learn how your own movement can inform you to reduce pain when you move.