About Cheryl

I believe we all are more than we think we can be. What would your life be like if you dared to become fully yourself?

Fit with your coach is essential. To help you decide, here is the deal about me.

I am:

  • Guided by a lifelong calling to deeply understand human development.
  • Committed to my own lifelong, personal development, a call to evolve myself and my own capacity for service.
  • Thrilled and fulfilled to support sustainable, meaningful development for people who engage in changing their world.
  • Privileged to have over 10 years of experience in exploring innovative ways to develop more inclusive leaders, teams and organizations.

I grew up in a farming community where all of our neighbors were a hyphenated Canadian – Dutch-Canadian, German-Canadian, Japanese-Canadian… I knew that as neighbors we shared some things in common and that we were different in other ways. I take seriously the Canadian experiment to find ways to work together that include both our similarities and our differences, to dare to engage in diverse communities, to work through the issues and challenges in creating community, together.

Devoted to body-based approaches to conflict resolution and peace-making.

As a girl, I asked, “If we can make war, how do we make peace?” Kind Power is the culmination of years of seeking and study to embody peace within everybody.

Dedicated student of Aikido and Tai Chi (Abundant Peace Internal Arts School https://www.abundantpeace.com/).

My training is rich and foundational, developing my capacity to be calm under attack, to re-educate my body/mind to expand and enter into challenges, to be responsive and present to what is happening now, to join with power beyond my own.

Professional credentials – what I bring

Read my article Developing an Inclusive Perspective for a Diverse College: Inclusion = Diversity + Engagement http://integralleadershipreview.com/author/cherylwhitelaw/

Or my chapter on Inclusion through Changing the Conversation: A Case Study on the NorQuest Community Dialogue on Inclusion in Intercultural Competence in International Higher Education (https://www.routledge.com/Intercultural-Competence-in-Higher-Education-International-Approaches/Deardorff-Arasaratnam-Smith/p/book/9781138693852)

  • Mindfulness for the Resilient Coach (Meg Salter, MegaSpace Consulting)
  • Group Coaching Methods (Integral Coaching Canada)
  • Mastery professional development (Integral Coaching Canada)
  • Instructional Skills Workshop
  • Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (Portland)
  • Alberta Leadership Academy
  • A deep seated need to read 5 books at once, all the time.
  • A tendency to need to try things for myself (30 day Tai Chi challenge completed!)


  • Integral Coaching Canada
  • Co-chair, national Diversity Working Group, Canadian Evaluation Society
  • Edmonton Business Diversity Network
  • 57 Coaches http://www.57coaches.org/
  • Global Foundation for Emerging Women Leaders
  • Intercultural Development Inventory Institute


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